Thiede Woodworks & CNC
The Twin Cities'
Parts Cutting Solution
Wing Door Parts- Baltic Birch Plywood
Wing Door Parts- Baltic Birch Plywood
Convenience Store Cabinets- Melamine
Plates- PVC Foam
Solid Oak Countertop
Solid Oak Countertop and Cutting Board
Children's Furniture- Baltic Birch Plywood
Mac Hook- Appleply
Curved Countertop- Solid Surface
Lettering- MDF
Jig- Acrylic
Resurfaced and Routed Table Legs- Repurposed Solid Oak Table Top
Panels for Meditation Screen- MDF
Venetian Cabinet Parts- MDF
Venetian Cabinet- MDF
Precision Prototype Parts- MDF
Furniture Parts- Solid Maple
Slatwall- MDF
Precision Routing- Melamine
Display Shelf- Melamine
Shelf Slotted for T Molding - Melamine
Adjustable End Table- Baltic Birch
No Fastener Coffee Table Parts- MDF
Sign for Suze Orman's Program
The Money Class- 1 Inch Acrylic
Stool Parts- Prefinished Baltic Birch
Endtable- Resurfaced and Repurposed
Table Top, Solid Maple
Endtable- Repurposed Maple
Dollhouse Parts- Baltic Birch
Acrylic Plates
Candle Jar Lids- Pine
Candle Jar Lids- Pine
No Fastener Coffee Table- MDF
Camera Rail End Cap- Bamboo
Camera Rail End Cap- Bamboo