Thiede Woodworks & CNC
•Weeke BHP-200
• 5' x 12' Bed
• 16,000 lbs of Steel
• Ready for Your Most Challenging Jobs
Take the Worry
Out of
Your CNC Work
Don't Like Surprises?
Once we have your CAD file (generated by you, by a third party, or by us), we offer firm fixed pricing for the CAD to CAM programming and CNC routing. If your job consists of standard cabinet parts, you can take advantage of our flat rate pricing. All other part types must be quoted.

You are already using CAD software to generate your customer and shop drawings, so with very little additional effort, you can get parts cut with the speed and accuracy of a CNC router. In addition, you will get top quality parts cut by a CNC operator with over fifteen years of experience. We provide you with everything you need to know to get started....
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COVID-19 Services
During these trying times, we are still here for all of your CNC parts cutting needs. We are taking all recommended precautions to ensure everyone's safety.

In addition, we are now offering a unique clear acrylic shield / barrier for protecting you, your customers, and your employees from spray and airborne spread of the virus.
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• Wood-Based Sheet Stock
• Solid Wood
• Acrylic
• Solid Surface
• More Than 16 Years of Experience as a CNC Operator

WOOD PARTS CUTTING / Solid Wood Parts Cutting / Cabinet Parts Cutting / Furniture Parts Cutting /
Store Fixture Parts Cutting / MDF Parts Cutting / Particle Board Parts Cutting / Composite Panel Parts Cutting / Laminated Parts Cutting / Solid Surface Parts Cutting / Template Cutting / Nested Sheet Parts Cutting / Slatwall/ Slotwall Slot Cutting / Sign Cutting /// PLASTIC PARTS CUTTING / Acrylic Parts Cutting / Polycarbonate Parts Cutting / PVC Foam Parts Cutting / HDPE Parts Cutting / CNC Routing Job Shop / Coronavirus Barrier / Airborn Virus Shield / COVID Sneeze Guard / COVID-19 Acrylic Barrier / Countertop Coronavirus Clear Barrier / Desktop Coronavirus Clear Barrier / Coronavirus Enclosure / Coronavirus Protection
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