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We are now offering a unique clear acrylic shield / barrier for protecting you, your customers, and your employees from spray and airborne spread of the virus.

The following is a copy of the description at our Etsy shop (there also are many more photos there):

Put together the size that is just right for your application. Quickly and easily assembled with just a phillips head screwdriver. Ships flat. Has tight corners to make a more effective barrier. Precision CNC cut for an exact fit.

This listing is for the components (front and sides) of a standard U-shaped clear barrier. First choose the desired height: choose between 23.5" and 31.5". Then pick the desired width: choose between 23.5", 31.5", and 47.5". Last, pick your desired depth: choose between 11.5", 15.5", and 23.5".

Once you have decided what size U-shaped barrier you would like, you have all you need to order the right front and sides below. Order the front (F##x##) that matches your desired width (first number, ##) and your desired height (second number, ##). Then order the sides (S##x##) that match your desired depth (first number,##) and your desired height (second number,##).

Please note: The sides come in pairs and include the hardware required to attach the sides to the front, so the item price listed below (for an S##x##) includes two side panels plus the hardware. The fronts include the acrylic panel only, so the item price listed below (for an F##x##) includes one panel only.

When ordering, the second number for the front and sides (24 or 32) must match, for the front and sides to fit together.

So if you want a U-shaped enclosure that is 32" (31.5" actual) wide, 24" (23.5") high, and 16" (15.5") deep, as shown in the photos, you just need to order one F32x24, and one S16x24.

For orders of 1 to 9 clear barriers, please order on Etsy. For orders of 10 or more clear barriers you can contact us directly and we may be able to do custom sizes. You can contact us at .