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Parts Cutting Solution
Thiede Woodworks & CNC is now offering laminating services. Whether you need your panels prelaminated prior to cutting, or need your parts postlaminated (including custom countertop services), we are now your one-stop shop for CNC routing and laminating services. Our laminator has over 25 years of experience as a full time laminator. We are extending our flat-rate pricing policy to include laminating services as shown on our pricing page.

We are also now offering flat-rate pricing for the programming services including CAD to CAM (dxf to mpr) conversion services, and nesting (parts placement) services.For sheets of cabinet parts (or parts of similar density) that have been nested with the proper part spacing, you can now provide the dxf file for each sheet and we will take it from there (adding the set mills [start/end point] and setting the tool paths) for $35 per sheet. In addition, we can also nest your parts for you. For cabinet parts (or parts of similar density) we can nest the parts for $22 per sheet.