Thiede Woodworks & CNC
•Weeke BHP-200
• 5' x 12' Bed
• 16,000 lbs of Steel
• Ready for Your Most Challenging Jobs
Take the Guess Work
Out of
Your CNC Work
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The Twin Cities'
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• Wood-Based Sheet Stock
• Solid Wood
• Acrylic
• Polycarbonate
• Solid Surface
• More Than 10 Years of Experience as a CNC Operator
• Our Laminator has over 25 Years of Experience as a Full Time Laminator

WOOD PARTS CUTTING / Solid Wood Parts Cutting / Cabinet Parts Cutting / Furniture Parts Cutting /
Store Fixture Parts Cutting / MDF Parts Cutting / Particle Board Parts Cutting / Composite Panel Parts Cutting / Laminated Parts Cutting / Solid Surface Parts Cutting / Template Cutting / Nested Sheet Parts Cutting / Slatwall/ Slotwall Slot Cutting /// PLASTIC PARTS CUTTING / Acrylic Parts Cutting / Polycarbonate Parts Cutting / PVC Foam Parts Cutting/ CNC Routing Job Shop
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